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Our Story

Maglieriapelle ® is derived from "woven leather" in Italian. We have a storied history of handcrafting premium leather shoes and proudly serve the apparel needs of men who appreciate originality, creativity and a profound sense of achievement.

Today's retail landscape offers a variety of choices when buying men's leather shoes - from a local boutique to popular global brands. In our opinion though, most manufacturers and shoe retailers leave a lot to be desired when it comes to quality, craftsmanship and value. Every day, cheaply made shoes are offered at exorbitant margins to the end customer. We believe that there has to be a better way to offer custom well-made, comfortable and affordable men's shoes. The affordability part is relatively easy - sell directly to the customers and cut out the middle layers. But how to offer the best quality? That's where we blow away the competition.

We prefer to craft our shoes the old fashioned way - by hand, one shoe at a time. Our creative process incorporates a customer-focused approach and involves countless hours imagining, designing and iterating each shoe, obsessing over every detail. Crafted with the finest quality materials using responsible and ethical manufacturing processes, our skilled artisans pour their heart and soul into making each pair. From leather to laces, our designs, hand-sewn construction and unique hand-painting provide you an experience to own and enjoy the best handmade shoes for years to come. The best part? With our refined processes and lower costs, we are able to pass on the savings to our customers. We confidently call each pair a piece of art and hope to see you wearing them in the near future.

A glimpse at the meticulous process involving a labyrinth of steps and long man-hours to handcraft one shoe at a time:

Our Team:

Tarik is our founder and oversees the day-to-day operations. His passion for creating men's shoes without compromising on quality led him to start Maglieriapelle. What began with a family of artisans skilled in handcrafting shoes has resulted in a successful business that we are proud of today. Tarik is passionate about travel, photography and cultural cuisines.

Gaye manages all marketing and product development for Maglieriapelle. She is obsessed with customers and loves to work with the design team to help our customers look their best every day. In a short time, her efforts have resulted in a loyal fan base and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Gaye is a vociferous reader and enjoys creative writing and theater.

Umar is responsible for strategy, planning and business development at Maglieriapelle. His journey with the company started when he watched a video of our shoes being handcrafted and became enamored by it. His prior experience includes healthcare investment banking and management consulting. He loves to travel, explore nature and volunteer.

 Bulent assembles all soles used in our shoes. He's always smiling.

Erol inspects each shoe before it's finished and keeps our operations on track.

Hakan assembles the upper part of the shoe. He loves to play soccer.

Mehmet manages our supply chain and handles numerous operational tasks.

Mucahit prepares each shoe during all stages of production. He loves to play with his grand children when he's not at work.

Muhammet is an expert Opanka stitcher and is very proud to show his craft in each shoe.

Muhtesem is part of the stitching team. He is from Southern Turkey.

Mustafa helps with sole assembly so it's very likely that he has touched every shoe we create.

Osman is the out sole production specialist and likes to play piano in his spare time.

Ramazan helps with outsole design and manufacturing. He is an avid traveler. 

Ramazan is a leather cutting expert and loves to experiment with the latest cutting techniques.

Ufuk stitches our shoes and is learning Opanka stitching these days. 

Yasar puts finishing touches on each shoe we create and packs it after quality inspection.

Zafer hand-paints our shoes. He is an artist at heart and truly enjoys creating unique patterns every day.

Size Guide

Use this chart to accurately select your shoe size before ordering:

 US UK Europe Inches
6 5.5 39 9.25"
6.5 6 39 9.5"
7 6.5 40 9.625"
7.5 7 40.5 9.75"
8 7.5 41 9.9375"
8.5 8 41.5 10.125"
9 8.5 42 10.25"
9.5 9 42.5 10.4375"
10 9.5 43 10.5625"
10.5 10 43.5 10.75"
11 10.5 44 10.9375"
11.5 11 44.5 11.125"
12 11.5 45 11.25"
13 12.5 46 11.5625"


We recommend that you order the same size that you wear in other leather dress shoes (when ordering leather shoes) and sneakers (when ordering sneakers). If you are between sizes, we recommend ordering the smaller size. For any questions, email us at and we are happy to help you find the right size.